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UK's Favourite Period Pain Remedy

Formulated with Medicinal Herbs & CBD to Get Your Cycles Under Control.

                                Recommended by PhDs & Doctors.

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Pharm Biotics

UK's Favourite Period Pain Aid

Formulated with Medicinal Herbs & CBD to Get Your Cycles Under Control.

Recommended by PhDs & Doctors.



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Delivered to your door, hassle free 

CBD+ Fema Support
£29.95 (2000mg CBD/30ml)

Ease through the most difficult days of your cycle by managing Discomfort, Energy levels & Mood with our Fema Support Drops. Each drop of this CBD oil is infused with Natural Muscle Relaxants, Hormone Balancing & Anti-inflammatory herbs which include Curcumin, Fennel & Lemon Balm to support you through the heaviest days. Suitable for women only. Made & Lab Tested in Europe.

  • High Strength CBD Oil with added Muscle Relaxants, Hormone Balancing & Anti-inflammatory Herbs.
  • Vegan
  • 0% THC
  • Third Party Lab Tested

Discover CBD+ Fema Support

Explore Benefits

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Regulated Cycles

The ingredients in this formulation work synergistically to control hormones & other PMS symptoms caused during Menstruation by regulating Estrogen & Reducing Inflammation.

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Sleep Comfortably

CBD, Lemon Balm & Curcumin are known to work synergistically to lower cortisol levels & inflammation, resulting in healthier, Deeper Sleep.

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Uplifted Mood

The uplifting properties of CBD (Cannabis Sativa L.) works alongside Calm Terpene Blend to ensure uplifted mood & emotional stability during cycles.

Worth Every Penny

Scan For Lab Reports

No High Guaranteed

Your health is our priority. Shop for CBD hassle-free. Access Lab Reports for your product anytime, anywhere. Simply scan the top of your product with your mobile camera & browse through our lab report library to check adequate levels of CBD in your product. We promise 0% THC to keep you shielded against any legality.

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No Additives, 100% Clean

Know Your Ingredients

Hemp Leaf Pharm Biotics

100% Pure CBD

Origin: Europe

Organically Grown Hemp is further extracted to obtain High Levels of Non-Psychotic Pure CBD with 0% THC to keep you shielded against any undue legal formality.*

Curcumin Pharm Biotics


Origin: India

Curcumin is the main active compound in Turmeric. Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Curcumin also dramatically increases the Antioxidant Capacity of the Body.

Flmb Pharm Biotics

Fennel & Lemon Balm

Origin: Southern Europe & North Africa

Lemon Balm is known to help Relieve Stress, Anxiety & may help Minimize Menstrual Cramps by Regulating GABA Levels.* Fennel has strong Estrogenic Properties. Meaning, it acts similarly to the Hormone Estrogen & thus it may help relieve Menstrual Symptoms.

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Terpology® Calm

Origin: United States

Calm Terpene Blend is based on the relaxing foundation and interplay of linalool and limonene. Limonene has a mood-elevating effect tempered with the ability of linalool to enhance a person’s ability to unwind from a busy world. - Formulated by Dr. Ethan Russo

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Why Choose CBD for PMS Relief?

People who use it, AND scientists who study it, are fascinated by CBD’s potential to help people of all ages with pain, cramping, depression, anxiety, stress and other serious health problems.

The fact is, most of today’s powerful drugs and medicines originated from a plant or herb that was discovered and used as medicine thousands of years ago.

And CBD is no different. It’s everywhere today. On TV, the internet, in the news, used by sports stars and celebrities around the world and talked about nearly every day on daytime TV and other programs.

Does it live up to the hype? You’ll have to try for yourself to find out, but before you do, make sure you check out the lab reports or certificate of analysis of the product batch before purchasing from the internet, or even physical stores. Lab reports should clearly state the amount of CBD and the results must be traceable by contacting the third-party lab.

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Lucille green
Super quick delivery and great product
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Super quick delivery and great product. Best sleep I’ve had in a while
Syed Bukhari
Brilliant service extremely easy to…
Read More
Brilliant service extremely easy to order and delivery to Ireland was very prompt will definitely recommend.
Sabrina Maguire
Ordering process was easy
Read More
Ordering process was easy, delivery quick, great communication. Will order again.
Maggie Chase
I feel better taking them
Read More
I feel better taking them - ? is it really happening or is it in the mind I wonder.
Shirley Byrd
Helps with my anxiety and relax
Read More
Helps with my anxiety and relax , will be purchasing again
Joey Mair
I usually buy this fema drops
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I usually buy this fema drops, because I'm happy with it.
Ali Boone
I've tried various different brands and…
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I've tried various different brands and strengths but the Pharamabiotics Feema drops is the one for me. Tastes great, easy to take and above all , IT WORKS. Fabulous product. Thank you.
Elinor Moody
My Menstrual cramps have disaapered
Read More
My Menstrual cramps have disaapered! Worth every penny!
Sneha Humphrey
Seems to work
Read More
Seems to work, not always in stock in the stores so must be popular.
Sofia Reynolds
I found there cbd oils worked well but…
Read More
I found there cbd oils worked well but every person suffers pain differently, No-one can say they would work for everyone, because everyone has different pain levels, what works for one person doesn't mean it works for everyone, its trial and error but these helped me. Good Luck x

People Also Ask

What is CBD & How does it work?

CBD, an acronym for cannabidiol, is an essential component of medical marijuana. It is one of the two major active compounds present in the Cannabis sativa plant, the otherbeing delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both of these produce feelings of relaxation and calm, but the main difference is CBD is not psychoactive. It means CBD intake is not associated with a high, or potential for abuse or dependence.


CBD imparts its effect on the body by influencing the CB1and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). [1] The endocannabinoid system (ECS) normally helps in the regulation of certain functions such as appetite, sleep, mood, immune response, memory, fertility, and the perception of pleasure and pain; regardless of the CBD use. CB1 receptors are present in the central nervous system (CNS) and govern coordination, movement, appetite, pain, mood, and memory. CB2 receptors are primarily found in the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and regulate immune cell functions, including pain and inflammation. CBD can also modulate serotonin receptors, which explains its positive effects on anxiety,depression, and insomnia.

Side Effects of CBD?

In most cases, CBD is well-tolerated; however,there is a slight chance of experiencing some unwanted effects. The risk of having a side effect is increased when it is contaminated with other compounds. The most common side effects that occur after taking CBD are dry mouth, diarrhea,reduced appetite, fatigue, and low blood pressure. Though it is not euphoric,it can sometimes lead to light-headedness and drowsiness.

CBD is also used topically, but there is not enough data on its possible toxic effects on the skin and is generally regarded safe.

A rare side effect of CBD that can occur in people with chronic liver disease is acute liver injury. Another rare side effect is, high doses of CBD can worsen the motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease. 

Does CBD interact with my other medicines?

CBD can interact with certain drugs; it is recommended to consult your healthcare provider before you start using it.


CBD interacts with other sedatives which results in additive effects and excessive inhibition of the receptors in the central nervous system. The sleep induced by CBD is calming and wake-inducing, but it is better to avoid the combined use of CBD and sleeping pills.


CBD slows down the metabolism of blood-thinning drugs such as warfarin. This allows these drugs to remain in the body for a longer period, increasing the risk of bleeding.


CBD is an effective therapy for epilepsy. In certain circumstances, CBD may produce undesired effects by interacting with other antiepileptic drugs. It was found in a study that at low doses, CBD does not produce antiepileptic effects, instead, it inhibits the cytochrome p450, which is responsible for the metabolism of clobazam and narclobazam. Prolonged availability of these drugs can result in more aggressive seizures. More Recent studies, however, regard CBD as a safe and effective therapy in epilepsy patients receiving clobazam.


CBD interacts with anti-cancer drugs by inhibiting their metabolism. The principle of chemotherapy is, drugs work only in the therapeutic range, as both decreased and increased concentrations produce undesired effects. The increased availability of chemotherapeutic agents, therefore, has negative consequences.

Who should not use CBD?

CBD provides a wide range of therapeutic advantages by interacting and affecting the endogenous regulatory systems of the body. However, its ability to inhibit cytochrome p450, which metabolizes many drugs, produces complex drug interactions and adverse effects.Therefore, people who are using the following medications should not use CBD.

·      Steroids

·      Statins

·      Calcium channel blockers

·      Anti-histamine (anti-allergic)

·      Prokinetics (motility drugs)

·      Anti-HIV drugs

·      Immunomodulators

·      Benzodiazepines

·      Anti-arrhythmic

·      Beta-blockers

·      Proton pump inhibitors (reflux drugs)

·      Anti-diabetic


It should also be avoided in the following conditions:

·      CBD has an adverse effect of lowering blood pressure;therefore, people who usually are hypotensive must avoid using it.

·      CBD can worsen Parkinson’s disease, so it is not recommended for Parkinson’s patients.

·      CBD deranged liver enzymes. People with pre-existing liver disease are at the greatest risk for further deterioration of hepatic function; thus, they should avoid it.

What Additional Information Applies to Women?

There is not much data on the effects of CBD on the growing baby. Therefore, pregnant women must avoid using it, as the mother shares everything that goes into her body with her baby. Similarly, lactating women should also not consume CBD, as the risk to the baby is not established. Here are somethings that women must know.

·      If it is really necessary to use CBD for therapeutic purpose, then the mother should, atleast, avoid in the first trimester, which is the period of organogenesis (formation of organs). Any negative stimulus in this period may lead to birth defects.

·      If a woman is planning to conceive, she must avoid or cautiously use CBD.

·      Lactating Women should not consume CBD two to three hours before feeding the baby.

What is the Most Important Information I Should Know About CBD?


Before using CBD for medical purposes, one must know that the benefits of CBD are not confirmed by FSA, EFSA & FDA-approved research. It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease, and also not an alternative to conventional allopathic medicine. Pregnant and lactating women should not use CBD. It is best not to give to children unless medical advice has been taken. Before using CBD, it is better to take advice from a healthcare professional, particularly for those who are already taking some other medicine.

The information provided on this page is no substitute for doctors’ advice. This page does not promote self-medication or intend to stop medical treatment. It is advised to always consult a physician before starting any therapy.

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